Fabled ‘Traffic Ticket Quota’ Back in the Spotlight As Florida Cops Accuse Hialeah PD of Predatory Practices

Hialeah police officers are sounding the alarm as pressure mounts from police brass to write more tickets.

The story isn’t new. It’s been heard before. Precincts around the country have been regularly accused, mostly by civilians, of forcing police officers to write a certain number of tickets to generate revenue for the city.

Now police officers are singing the same tune alleging that Hialeah PD is putting the squeeze on their officers to write a certain number of tickets per day or face “additional training”.

Ticket quotas are illegal in the state of Florida but one Florida police department has been accused of violating that law. In fact, 10 Hialeah cops have all come out claiming that their department has been enforcing illegal quotas.

Fraternal Order of Police attorney, Stephan Lopez, said, ““The chief and the command staff are requiring officers to write at least three citations a day, and if they fail to do that, they are giving them discipline.”

“They use ‘deficiency,’ but what they meant was failure to adhere to the quota.”

Hialeah police chief, Sergio Velazquez, denied the allegations saying, “The only pressure on the officer is to go out here and do their job. And part of their duty is traffic enforcement.”

WSVN reported:

This summer, the state was rocked with its own quota controversy when Florida Highway Patrol troopers were encouraged to write two tickets an hour.

And now it’s the City of Hialeah that’s on the defense.

Stephan Lopez: “They will tell you there is no such thing. But when you have all these officers telling the same story, you know, the story is complete.”

The police union reportedly attempted to work out the disagreement in-house with the police department. After the attempts proved futile, the union reps  decided to file a lawsuit.