Neo Nazis Support Louis Farrakhan’s Message of Black Separatism


The Nation of Islam has an unlikely supporter in the American Renaissance’s Richard Spencer. Unlikely, but not understandably. Both sides believe in the birthright and power of their people. Both have drawn the line in the sand with incendiary rhetoric about the other. Both believe in the need for self sustainment and separation from the ills that have supposedly damaged their respective communities.

So with that in mind, it’s not that far fetched to see race realist Richard Spencer retweet Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan in support.

In a tweet of advisement, Farrakhan encourages Black people to “be more convinced that it is time for us to separate and build a nation of our own.” Spencer said that the message in Farrakhan’s tweet mirrors that of the broader Alt-Right movement in reinforcing the self-determination.

In an attempt to seize the moment, the American Renaissance tweets back to the Nation’s leader, “Would you like to discuss this in a public forum?” After the Renaissance presented their support of the message, Spencer chimed in indicating that he would be “open to real dialogue.”

What has been overlooked however is that the alt-right have a history of fondness towards Farrakhan’s Black Separatists’ message. In common also reportedly is their “virulent anti-Semitism” views. White Nationalist and pompous news radio host Alex Jones even invited Farrakhan on to his show, InfoWars, at which he time he lauded Trump’s Muslim ban as a rallying cry for the Muslim community to unite behind a common enemy.

According to Jones, Farrakhan was the “second most influential Black man in the world” behind Barack Obama.

Interestingly enough, Farrakhan is well known for referring to the White man as the Devil. Any wonder why the Devil would be supporting the “enemy’s” message is left up to speculation. Maybe they are behind the scenes working towards the same end goal. Maybe they are really mortally enemies… but to see two opposing sides follow the same path, albeit for different reasons, will definitely add to the confusion that is America 2017.