“Good” Texas Inmates Get Together to Raise $53K for Hurricane Harvey Victims


CNN is reporting that thousands of Texas inmates have hit up their local commissary, but not to get things for themselves, but rather to pool their funds together to donate to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

These inmates, the forgotten, the lost, the deplorables, the scum of the country, were able to muster up enough goodwill in their hearts to want to help out those who are better off than they are despite the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey. Good inmates, who one Louisiana sheriff would rather keep locked up for slave labor than set free back into the community.

It is being reported that in one month, these inmates of limited means, managed to raise $53,000 according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The commissary, which inmates use funds from online accounts to purchase necessities such as food, personal hygiene items and more, donated a dollar or more on behalf of the inmates to victims of Hurricane Harvey. Throughout the month of September, fliers were posted outside of 104 Department of Corrections commissaries asking for inmates to donate at least one dollar. According to Texas DOC spokesman, Jason Clark, the average amount given was $8 while the largest donation from an inmate was $300.

Unfortunately the money raised by the inmates, $53,863, was sent to the American Red Cross. The charity has been exposed recently for pocketing majority of their donations while offering very little in assistance to those in need, especially minorities who make up majority of the prison population in Texas. In essence, the inmates donated money to sustain the corruption of non-minorities in power.

According to the department’s website, inmates donated more than $40,000 to the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina.