Registered Nurse, Psychologist, & Family Held at Gunpoint Until Cops Realize Dad Didn’t Rob His Own Home

“I totally think they racially profiled me,” said Fairley. “They never would even tell me why they stopped me. From the moment they pulled us over, there were six to seven police cars. They immediately had their guns drawn.” When Fairley offered to present his identification which would establish his residency officers proceeded with weapons still drawn to terrorize the family.  […]


Congress Refuses to Enact Gun Law Giving the Mandate to ATF

Five days after Stephen Paddock opened fire at a concert in Las Vegas, the National Rifle Association agreed on a tighter regulation for bump stocks, but chances of this happening are quickly diminishing into thin air as no legislation on gun control has gained momentum in Congress in years. The pro-gun movement gave the approval on gun control in the form of additional regulations in the shock of many Americans. […]


If You Don’t Like Living in South Africa, Go Back to Europe!

“If you don’t like living in South Africa, go back to Europe!” It’s a new spin on a popular rebuttal spoken by red-blooded Americans when any person that they deem un-American complains about the state of affairs in the United States. The all too common refrain, “If you don’t like it here, go back to Africa” is thrown out so casually with little thought given as to how a large portion of Black people ended up on the continent to begin with. Usually the ones who utter the juvenile response neglect to address that a good number of Black people did not migrate to the US willingly and to just go back to Africa is not as simple as the statement suggests.  […]

Police Misconduct

Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy Caught in Housing Authority Scam

In the report published by True Homestead, Gomez and his wife, Maria Quintero, have engaged in activities that questions the integrity of his badge and his character. Gomez and his wife Maria L. Quintero Campos have allegedly collected government assistance for the last decade totaling $105,000 as of October 2016. Gomez and his wife are reportedly to still be receiving $1,200 a month bringing the amount upwards of $120,000. […]


Breaking News: Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Surrenders to the FBI

Manafort however had plenty of time to drum a defense and has been with counsel since the summer when his home was raided by FBI agents. Prosecutors warned Manafort that they were planning to indict him giving him sufficient time to strategize a way out of his current entanglements. Such are the perks of “white privilege” and elitism. […]


POTUS Ok’s Concentration Camps for Illegal Immigrants Waiting to be Deported

And because Trump intends to round people up and order mass deportations, he would have to put these people in a place to wait until they get deported. That means a prison population boom, not to mention the separation of families, which is exactly what happens in concentration camps. […]


Jeff Flake’s Criticism of POTUS is a Little Too Late

Although Flake has finally spoken the feelings expressed by so many Americans, it comes one year too late. While the media would have you to believe that it was the efforts of Russian president Vladimir Putin that won the election for Trump, do not forget that it was the Electoral College that went in favor of Trump, not hacked voting machines. […]

Race Relations

‘We Can’t Have the Inmates Running the Prison’; Houston Texans Owner Calls NFL Players Inmates

In retrospect, McNair’s analogy isn’t that far off. As a wealthy white owner of an NFL team, McNair is not able to see past the perch of his skybox. Other than the fact that the players live in the home that McNair built, he has no further intrinsic connections with his “inmates”. Many share his opinions and perspective and see nothing wrong with seeing the players as inmates. As you are reading this, commenters are expressing their disappointment in the apology… not because of some perceived insincerity, but because he didn’t stand by his initial statement. […]

Police Misconduct

Pothead Cop Arrested for Jacking Weed and Lying About It

What gave Patterson away was her newly-issued body camera recording her every move. Officers reviewed the body cam footage and realized the discrepancy and immediately launched an inquiry into Patterson’s investigation. 

Do you think she smoked it? Sold it? Or genuinely trying to save someone the hassle of arrest and court and threw out the evidence? […]