While Focus Remains on Donna Brazile, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Slides Back into a White Privilege Win

DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile’s current scandals has been making its rounds on social media and rightfully has many people upset. A Wikileaks email dump revealed that Brazile threw Clinton a bone before the Ohio town-hall about capital punishment. Brazile reportedly denied the allegations of wrongdoing but has since parted ways with CNN over strong evidence of Democrat collusion. What has been conveniently overlooked is how Brazile ended up replacing her predecessor, Wasserman-Shultz. While Brazile has become the focus of allegations of corruption and election rigging, Shultz’ own activities have been swept under the rug… to the benefit of Schultz.

Forgotten is the fact that Shultz spearheaded and successfully executed a “years long plot to rig the Democratic primaries” for Hillary Rodham Clinton according to the Inquisitr.

Based upon Wikileaks‘ purge, it all goes back to when Tim Kaine was promised the VP slot on the Clinton ticket long before Clinton stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. At the time, our fearless Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Obama, was incidentally already a “friend and political ally” of Kaine per the Washington Post. In 2011, Obama “encouraged” Kaine to step down as DNC chair and to make a run for Jim Webb’s Senate seat who was retiring. At the same time, Wasserman Schultz was installed as DNC chair with promises made to Kaine for the VP position come the next election.

In all respects, Schultz performed her task to the approval of her puppet-masters. She got away with rigging the democratic process and all she had to do was tender her resignation and let Brazile take the fall, all while securing her primary election win to defend her seat in Congress amid more speculations of impropriety as reported by Miami New Times. In the same fashion that Clinton blocked the advancement of Bernie Sanders, Schultz did the same with ‘Berniecrat’ opponent, Tim Casanova.

The collusion is made plain to simple when following Schultz’ steps. She was installed as DNC chair and wreaked havoc and was able to “resign” at a point where her job was already over and was awarded an honorary chair on Clinton’s campaign, and then ultimately “win” her bid for reelection. But still all the focus remains on Brazile.

Yes Brazile passed on questions to the Clinton campaign for the CNN debates and maybe even more but at whose behest was she acting on? She didn’t do this out of the kindness of her own heart. What did they offer Brazile down the line? We haven’t seen the last of Brazile but this shit with Schultz is just getting started.